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Service Description

Are you frustrated with Contractors? Do you have an older home and need a renovation? Do you know what to do, but you just need a plan? Well, this is the perfect plan for you. Whatever your issue Creates Estates offers specialized knowledge, experience, and capacity to help the homeowner 'keep what you have and create what you want'. This means we will look at what you currently have and find new and creative ways to repurpose it to create the updated look you wish to achieve. YES, AND ANYONE CAN DO THAT! ... but we also provide 100% TRANSPARENCY into all transactions from materials to labor cost AND the unused budget is returned to the homeowner at the end of the project* In terms of roles, Create Estates is not the decision-maker — the control over the project remains with the homeowner. However, we will manage your project budget and timeline** and assist with the design process, coordinating with the development team, and acting as a trusted advisor for key decisions along the way. For Homeowners: - Upcycling your home, Demo vs Reno ? - Understanding when to DIY vs Hire Contractor - Liaise with General Contractor / Construction Manager for your home improvement projects - Offer assistance with Landscaping Redesign - Assist with Floorplan and Space Planning - Home Organization / De-Clutter Projects - Improving your curb appeal to sell your home - Home Based DIY Projects - Capital Improvement Selection to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) - Partner with participating utility companies to minimize your energy cost and maximize your savings * restrictions apply ** updates will be provided daily/weekly depending on project size

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