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DIY Project Management / Coaching

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Create Estates can be a valuable resource whether you have experience or not. Owners/investors may not have specialized knowledge and resources to vet, plan, and manage a development project because it’s not a frequent enough activity to require in-house capabilities. We usually also act as the owner’s project manager to keep the project team on track. In terms of roles, Create Estates is not the decision-maker — the control over the project remains with the owner/investor. Instead, we are responsible for the process, coordinating the development team, and acting as a trusted advisor for key decisions along the way. In this time of economic uncertainty and constant change, it may be difficult to start or move forward let Create Estates help you: • Create Step-by-Step Project Plan and Timeline to execute your project • Increase Return-On-Investment (ROI) • Minimize Risk • Optimize Financial Investment • Analyzing feasibility for the highest and best use for your asset

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