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Rusty Window Frame


Create Estates seeks to provide top-notch service and consulting to Homeowners/Investors to analyze the highest and best use for their asset or estate, mitigate risk, lower cost and develop sound project plans which promote upcycling sustainability for their renovations with full transparency into your transactions.

Simply put, we want to help you repurpose what you have, maximize your equity or profits, and save you lots of money while doing it!  And to sweeten the deal, Create Estates will still provide high-quality customer service, results and insight to where every $1 of your hard earned money is going. 


Give your home or project a second life by upcycling (refurbish or repurpose a material or product with the purpose of creating something of higher quality or value).  Not only is this cost effective but it helps reduce waste in landfills, oceans, parks, and waste management facilities. 

Our goals is to reduce waste by assisting you in using what you have to achieve and deliver high-quality results you want.

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